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    USA Student Visa

    About USA

    United States of America commonly known as USA is the most popular study abroad destination amongst students in India. USA is one of the largest techno commercially updated and the most powerful economies of the world. The United States of America has 50 states and it is the melting point for cultural diversity. It is also known as “Land of Opportunity” and students from all around the world come to USA for further studies. USA holds strong reputation in the field of Education and Research, in fact 13 to 15 college/universities in USA are ranked among the Top 20 in the world. The country has been an invention hub giving great chances for development and learning. The same features are stated in the education system of USA. Student Visa for USA is termed as F1 or M1 VISA which is a Non Immigrant Visa Category.

    Important Highlights of USA

    The F1 student visa is granted for 5 years. The length of the stay depends on the study degree you opt for; which is mentioned on the I20. The “STEM” option which stands for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS are the major fields of focus under which the students can extend their stay in the USA or can extend the OPT period for a total of 2 more years. The all round open application accepts application for the terms such as Spring, Fall, and Summer. Students with all age and study background are welcomed and are given consideration of the knowledge and skills that they possess. The F1 visa law does not permit the student to work on campus; instead the students are legally permitted to work on campus for 20 hours per week.

    Admission Process

    Education system in USA is very flexible. The students are rated on GPA – Grade Point Average. Schools, Private Institutes, Colleges and Universities have their individual admission requirements. Post secondary programs including Bachelor Degree programs are known as Undergraduate Programs, while masters program and doctorate are known as Graduate programs. The Courses are credit based. USA also offers OPT and CPT – Optional Practical Training and Curriculum Practical Training, the courses are determined by credits wherein the student get the exposure to take practical training for a specific period in its relevant field.

    Admission Criteria
    • Students need to have good academic records. Higher Secondary / Bachelors mark sheet with above 50%.
    • Minimum 12 years of post-secondary education is required for entry into an Associate or Bachelors Program.
    • 3 years Bachelor’s Degree is also accepted. Student with such background need to get a WES/ECE evaluation.
    • Quantitative Exams
      • SAT / ACT scores may be required for Undergraduate Programs
      • GRE / GMAT scores are required for certain Graduate Programs
    • English Proficiency Requirements
      • (Undergraduate): IELTS Minimum 6 bands / TOEFL 80 / PTE 55
      • (Graduate): IELTS Minimum 6.5-7 bands / TOEFL 100 / PTE 70
    • Work Experience is mandatory only for some Graduate / Management programs

    Students can avail Scholarships, Teaching Assistant-ship, and Graduate Assistant-ship etc for their studies by applying earlier to the universities.

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