Canada Study Permit Extension

Canada Study Permit Extension

Applying for the study permit extension in Canada is not at all different and as a concern is one of the most demanded kinds of Canadian visa. However, the student visa extension requirements and process are considerably complex with various applicants failing to receive their desired outcomes. Inconsiderate to the complexity of the process, schedule an appointment with our experts to help you attain positive results.

The individuals having a valid status in Canada are able to apply for the student visa extension.

Things to know:
  • How long before one’s status expires must you make an application?
  • What would happen if his or her visa expires to remain in Canada after a visa extension application has been submitted?
  • From where would an application have to be submitted if one wanted to study or work in Canada?

Apply for the study permit extension by ensuring personalized support with Domain International. We have a dedicated team of professionals standing by ready to answer your visa queries. Get in touch with us for your Canada student visa extension application.

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