Canada Super Visa

Canada Super Visa

Super Visa is a multiple-entry, long-term visa for grandparents and parents of the Canadian citizens or permanent residents. It is a popular alternative for immigrants to Canada who wish to see their parents and/or grandparents for an extensive period.

The validity of this visa is for 10 years. Up to 24 months the status/visa is not required to be renewed.

The essential distinction within a Super Visa and a Visitor Visa is that the Super Visa permits an individual to visit for up to two years on primary entry into Canada, while visitor visa would only have a status period for each entry of six months only.

If you want to stay with your children or grandchildren for more than 6 months in Canada then we are happy to help you for Canada super visa. Start your Canada super visa process from Domain International  to process your visa smoothly. Get in touch with our Canada Super Visa Consultants soon if you have any query or are interested in the Super Visa program.

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